Email Expert Africa's Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Content Creators & Small Businesses

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Why did I create this guide?

Working in email for over 10 years, I've encountered numerous content creators and small businesses that have no idea where to begin a successful email marketing programme or newsletter.

Running a business or side hustle is no easy feat, and finding the time to get the RIGHT information to launch, grow and maintain an effective email strategy is both time-consuming and confusing.

Having spent over 200+ hours creating this guide, and consulting some of the industry's greatest minds and resources, I've collated all of this information in an easy-to-use and implement guide to help grow your ROI from email. No fluff. No hidden info. Everything you'll need to successfully launch or build your email programme.

Who is this guide for?

  • Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs looking to launch a business
  • Small-to-medium-sized marketing teams with limited marketing resources
  • Independent newsletter creators looking to monetise their emails
  • Anyone looking to build an email contact list (the right way)

Why pay thousands for courses and professional training when you have all the email knowledge you'll need to create measurable ROI from your emails, at your fingertips?

What you'll get:

Get 250+ pages of email expertise, which includes in-depth chapters covering topics such as:

  • Expert help in choosing the right email platform for your business
  • In-depth tactics for growing your email database
  • Detailed advice on building the perfect email campaign and template for any business
  • Tips on managing your data privacy and compliance
  • Guidance on creating your ideal email strategy
  • Detailed information on automation and email workflows
  • And so much more!

Limited-time offer! Purchase the guide today and get a free 1-hour professional email consultation for your business.

What people are saying:

Don't take our word for it. Find out how the beta users of this guide succeeded in their business:

"Our experience with Email Expert Africa's guide has been nothing but phenomenal. With no marketing team and limited time, we've been able to double our email database growth in less than 3 months" - Gavin Hartman (Owner - Hartman's Woodcraft)

"My team has given great feedback on this resource. I highly recommend it for any business or marketing team" - JD Calitz (Team lead - Alumo)

Get your copy, today! Find out more about the author, Des Brown, here.

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You'll receive the following:

How to choose the right email platform
100+ tactics to grow your email list
How to build email campaigns and templates
How to manage data privacy and compliance
How to build an email strategy
How to build email automations and flows
Email best practice and advice from industry leaders
So much more!
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Email Expert Africa's Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Content Creators & Small Businesses

0 ratings
I want this!